How We Fund

Patagonia supports environmental organizations with bold, direct-action agendas and a commitment to long-term change.

We support innovative work that addresses the root causes of the environmental crisis and seeks to protect both the environment and affected communities. We focus on places where we’ve built connections through outdoor recreation and through our network of retail stores.

We believe local battles to protect a specific stand of natural landscapes, a stretch of river, an indigenous wild species or a community from a polluting refinery build public support and confront larger, more complex issues like climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental justice.

We encourage work that brings underrepresented communities to the forefront of the environmental movement and defend communities whose health and livelihoods are threatened by environmental exploitation.

We Fund Work That
  • builds an equitable, inclusive and diverse environmental movement which have proven a positive impact on the environment into four Impact Areas: Rights to Nature; Conservation & Restoration; Resilient Communities; and Just Economies. (see Impact Areas & Targets List of 1% for The Planet)
  • confronts systemic bias, discrimination and injustice in environmental policy or outdoor spaces
  • is action-oriented
  • has a clear strategy
  • identifies specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured to evaluate success
  • builds public involvement and civic engagement
  • works to build a inclusive and diverse environmental movement
  • takes place within Hong Kong and Macau

Patagonia believes that the most direct path to real change is through building grassroots momentum.

We accept one proposal per group in this fiscal year (1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025).

Our typical grant is in form of monetary and non-monetary, ranging from an average of HK$30,000 to HK$80,000. Proposals are reviewed and grants decisions are made by Patagonia Hong Kong and 1% for the Planet.

For all questions not answered on this page nor addressed here, please reach out to our team.
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