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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Zina Precht-Rodriguez
22, Sunrise Movement

Time’s up. Predictions are becoming realities, and in my reality, I am mapping my own life along the 11-year timeline we have to dramatically shift the way we do things, the way we run our economy and the way our government runs. In 20 years, what does my life look like? I know that if we go along with business as usual, I don’t need to ask that question because I know the answer. It’s going to look like complete climate chaos and collapse. And so there’s nothing else I can do but fight.

What's scary to me is how we've gotten here, heading towards this enormous threat of extinction. What did it take for us as a species, as a community and as a global society to decide that this was OK?

I organize because it's my way of showing the world that I see strength in the power of people. Change happens and societal shift happens when people mobilize and come together as a community. This is the greatest crisis of our time. It's about surviving and living in a future that is healthy.

Everyone needs to examine their own lives and have conversations with other people about what’s unsustainable about the way we are living now. Changes in behavior are quite contagious, and they can have a real impact on the people around you. We all have power in the way we live our lives and the way we impact other people’s lives. Get involved in your community and use that community power to force politicians and people in power to act for the good of the planet.

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