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FREE Shipping on orders over HK$500.

FREE Shipping on orders over HK$500.

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Got something that needs fixing? Bring it in to any Patagonia store and inquire a member of our staff.


We’re happy to look at any Patagonia item that needs repair to see if it’s something we can fix. The repair is subject to a fee.


We strive to bring your item back to like-new condition. using fabric and hardware. In cases where we do not have the original materials available, replacement materials may be used on repair. the integrity of the garment is our top priority. The color of the fabric used for the repair may not be an exact match, but we’ll do our best to find the closest match possible. 

Please make sure your item is freshly washed and in clean condition before handing it off to our staff. Dirty items will be returned unrepaired.


Please allow 7 - 10 business days (Monday to Friday. Exclude Public Holidays) for us to review or process your request.

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