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Can a t-shirt help stop climate change?

No. But farming could. This is a test to change the way we grow our clothes.

What does cotton have to do with carbon?

We’re growing cotton with a new way of farming that has the potential to help stop climate change. Because healthy soil traps carbon, we think regenerative organic agriculture could draw down more greenhouse gases than other farming methods.

Farm to T-shirt

In 1996, we decided to exclusively use organic cotton in our line. We’ve taken our farming efforts even further with this test to grow cotton on over 150 small-scale farms.

Regenerative Organic Certification Pilot Cotton

The cotton in these shirts is from farms working toward the highest standard, which aims to rehabilitate soil, respect animal welfare, and improve the lives of farmers.

Why Regenerative Organic?

If we switch from fossil fuel-intensive farming to organic and no and low-till practices that build healthy soil and draw carbon back into the ground with Regenerative Organic (RO), we could turn our agricultural system from problem to solution.

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