As part of an ongoing effort to continually tweak our production processes and reduce our impact on the environment, we’re using fabric made from wood pulp and recycled cotton scraps. Working with Lenzing, a manufacturer based in Austria, we created a collection of products made from REFIBRA™ lyocell fibers.

REFIBRA lyocell fibers are the result of two innovations involving wood and cotton. The wood pulp used in REFIBRA lyocell (TENCEL®) is a renewable raw material that comes from sustainably managed forests. By reducing the need to extract wood from new forests, this method of sourcing lowers the manufacturing impact. The addition of recycled cotton scraps not only diverts materials from the waste stream, it replaces some of the wood pulp, reducing the amount of virgin raw materials used.

REFIBRA lyocell is produced in a closed-loop production cycle; the solvents used to process the wood and cotton fibers are 99.7% captured and can be used over and over again; the only outputs are REFIBRA and water. The process also reduces the use of water by 95% compared to cotton fabric manufacturing and does not pollute the air, soil or water.