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Patagonia Surf

Kohl Christensen running with the beasts on one of the biggest Mavericks swells of recent years. FRED POMPERMAYER

Patented Innovation

Supporting multiple rapid inflations and featuring a dump valve for quick deflation in the water, the PSI Vest is a pioneering, purpose-built tool for use in the most critical surf situations.

We spent over five years developing and testing the vest specifically for big wave surfing, and received a U.S. patent for its innovative technology in 2014.

Promoting Safety and Preservation

Our PSI Vest adds an unprecedented safety element when surfing the world's biggest waves. By offering the vest's patented technology to the industry in exchange for a fee, we were able to make our first donation of $150,000 to the Fundación Punta De Lobos, helping to preserve an iconic Chilean Point Break. This donation gets the Fundación closer to what is needed to fully protect one of the best lefthand points on the globe.

“Turning five years of research and development into a program where we use our intellectual property to persuade others in the industry to help protect a threatened surf break is another point of difference for our surf business,” says Jason McCaffrey, Patagonia’s senior director of surf.

“Protecting Punta de Lobos provides the perfect backdrop for the launch of our PSI Vest to surfers who demonstrate a commitment to surfing big waves.”


Protect the Point Forever

The ongoing Lobos Por Siempre campaign is led by the locally based Fundacion Punta De Lobos, Save The Waves Foundation and Patagonia ambassador Ramón Navarro. Its aim is to protect Punta de Lobos one of the world’s best lefthand points, from unchecked development that threatens its coastal environment and the local community’s traditional way of life.

Fundacion Punta De Lobos Take Action
Sometimes you chase waves, sometimes waves chase you. Nick Christensen puts the pedal to the metal on a huge day in Hawai’i. JUAN LUIS DE HEECKEREN

Purchasing the PSI Vest

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