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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Madelaine Tew
16, Zero Hour

Being immersed in Zero Hour has really taught me about the immense power of young people. Looking back on what the youth climate movement has been able to achieve in just the past couple of years, it is very apparent that young people are capable of a lot more than adults might think. The youth climate movement is fueled by an understanding that our entire adulthood is uncertain to us, and everything that we do within this movement is trying to change that.

Organizing is a way of taking my fate into my own hands. I think that every day we don't do something about the crisis, it gets worse and worse.

We need to completely divest from fossil fuels to transform our economy to all clean energy to have a rapid cultural shift. We need to protect the land treaties of Indigenous communities that are being jeopardized by the fossil-fuel industry. And lastly, we need to declare a climate emergency and re-enter the Paris Agreement.

Disaster will come from inaction. One part of Zero Hour’s mission is to fight for a future that is not just livable for our generation but also one in which we flourish.

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