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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Loukina Tille
18, Climatestrike Switzerland

In Switzerland, we have less and less snow every winter. The soil is drier because of the heatwaves, and the weather is changing. I feel scared that the natural cycle of nature is being messed up. It’s real. We can see and feel it.

My generation is facing the climate crisis directly. What we do gives me a lot of hope because in just a few months, we managed to bring the climate conversation everywhere. I strike because I want to make an impact, and this is a really meaningful way for me to act. We are under pressure, and we see that our world leaders need to be pushed.

I strike because it makes sense to disrupt our day-to-day lives when we are facing a crisis. If we keep going as usual, we go toward our own extinction.

My generation has a vision for the world we need to design. We need to imagine a new global way of thinking when it comes to the climate crisis and the environment. We need people to read the reports, get educated and come to the strikes.

I need people to go out of their comfort zone! I need people to read scientific reports. I need people to open up to one another and decide what to do as a society. I need people to take a stand and come strike with us.

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