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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Jamie Margolin
17, Zero Hour

There has never been a point in my life where climate change wasn’t looming over me and every decision that I have tried to make.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Here, everything’s green and there’s so much wildlife, but I’ve seen that deteriorate throughout my life. I walk around parks, and I see signs that say, “Please don’t feed the seals.” But, I have never seen any of these animals because their populations are dying.

The climate movement is old. It has been happening for decades, and we are really standing on the shoulders of activists who have been doing this work for so long. Indigenous leaders have been the ones leading the caretaking of the Earth for centuries. Millenials led the first official youth climate marches in the early 2000s when climate change became something people were starting to care about. And my generation brings a new energy that is very crucial to the movement.

I strike, organize and protest for my life, for my future, for my world, for the beauty around me and to protect what is yet to be lost.

People in positions of power need to act like it’s an emergency but also act fairly and justly. Those who do not have that power need to be doing whatever they can, with the best that they can and with what they have. Help and support activists around you. Cook them a meal, and make sure they are taking care of themselves. These things are also important and doing whatever you can for the movement helps.

For those who can, vote. Put your vote toward climate action. Elect officials who not only believe in the climate crisis but also are willing to take serious, urgent and radical action. We need sweeping legislation changes on reforestation and wildlife protection. We need to mobilize and put an end to this business as usual. And we need everyone to have this at the top of their minds and see every other issue through the lens of the climate crisis.

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