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Industrial Hemp

Works for you. Works for the soil.

Works for you.

Tough by Nature

A hemp stalk is composed of rigid fibre bundles held together by natural glues called lignins that allow the fibres to grow long and strong. In woven materials, this translates to high tensile strength and durability.

Broken in Right off the Shelf

As a textile, hemp has natural drape and high breathability without sacrificing durability and abrasion resistance. Ready-to-wear comfort from day one.

Time Tested

For centuries, hemp has been a trusted go-to for rigging rope, ship sails and can-do canvas.

Works for the soil.

Soil Rehab

Hemp’s long center taproot deeply penetrates even the hardest, nutrient-depleted ground to pull up soil-regenerating nutrients and microbes.

Drought Resistant

Hemp thrives with little to no irrigation—a money saver and a soil saver.

Grows Like a Weed

Hemp requires no synthetic fertiliser and less natural fertiliser than other crops. Because it grows quickly and creates its own canopy shade, it naturally keeps weeds to a minimum.

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