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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Arielle Geismar
18, Climate justice activist

My generation is facing a new kind of anxiety around the issue of climate change. We wake up and hear that our planet is being destroyed. At least for me, it's hard to look at that and think that we're going to be okay. I don't think anyone decides to become an activist. I think we decide to do this work because it's necessary, and we need to be doing it. And if not us, then who?

I don't think those in power are doing a good enough job at listening to young people, and it's terrifying for me to sit here and wonder what's going to become of the place where I live. Our world doesn't have anywhere else to go. We are all we have, and we're not taking care of ourselves or each other.

That’s why we need bold climate action, which looks like politicians listening to kids. It means adults rallying behind kids, and it means a secure future. It’s a sustainable world in which we take care of our environment. In order for the world to become a more just and eco-friendly place, we need to be banding together and work together in solidarity.

We need everyone to contact their local politician. Call your senator. Call your congressman. Call whomever you need to in order to make your local official take action on this. When you're done with that, call your friends, call your family members and talk to them about it too.

I organized out of fear. I'm scared of what's to come, and I'm scared of the world I'm going to leave behind. So I'm fighting to change it.

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