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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Anica Renner
15, School Strike 4 Climate Melbourne

I strike because I'm angry, and I'm scared—and I want to see change.

I’m scared that when I’m older, I will have to be afraid and worried about natural disasters, floods and heatwaves impacting me and my family. And I’m scared for the people living on the front lines who will be affected even more than they are right now.

I have the privilege to say that I’m scared that climate change will affect me in the future, but there are many groups of people all around the world who are being affected right now. Climate change amplifies existing vulnerabilities in our society. Some people think it’s a far-off event that will catch up to us in a few years, but it’s happening right now to people in different parts of the world. It shows that it’s a justice issue because some people feel the effects worse than others and that is really, really unfair.

We need everyone around the world to educate themselves on this global issue. Be mindful of how you vote and how you consume products. We need you to come to the school strikes and support the students who are organizing this amazing movement, and we need you to demand that your local politicians take bold action.

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