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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Andrew Jones
25, Sunrise Movement

The climate catastrophe affects everything. It affects labor. It affects the economy. It affects all sorts of things. If we want to have a sustainable future, we'll have to work hand in hand to really fight it. I think we need everyone to recognize that the climate crisis is a climate catastrophe and then in the next few years rally around politicians and candidates who will actually stand up for us. And we have to hold them accountable.

A sustainable future is a place where everyone has access to clean air, clean water and basic human rights, like health care, food and housing. And these are all things that will be harder and harder to get as the environment continues to deteriorate. I believe in a future that's just for all. Does everyone have access to clean water or clean air? And that doesn't just mean the United States. That means the entire world. And so that's what I'm pushing for in the future I believe in.

I organize because to really attack the climate emergency we’re in, we need a massive people movement.

The more people we have, the stronger it'll be.

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