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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Alexandria Villaseñor
14, Earth Uprising

Every Friday, I go on climate strike in front of the United Nations headquarters and demand action on the climate crisis because my generation will be impacted the most by the climate crisis.

I decided to become a climate activist after a family visit back to my hometown in California during the Paradise Fire. My hometown was only an hour away from Paradise, and we were getting a lot of the smoke. The air quality reached 350 AQI (Air Quality Index), which classified as hazardous. Since I have asthma, my family sent me back to New York City early. I was really upset by this, and then, after doing some reading, I made the connection between climate change and the wildfires and how they're being fueled by the climate crisis. Because of that, I started to really pay attention. I saw Greta Thunberg speak, and she empowered me to go out and strike. I went on strike for the first time on December 14—my first ever form of activism.

As the climate crisis becomes more urgent, more students will get involved. Seeing how world leaders and people in power are prioritizing money over our future is really upsetting. It means we need to take action to demand that they act urgently for our futures.

What my generation really needs is support. Advocate for us and protect us when we’re taking direct action. We need everyone to get out onto the streets. Now is the time for civil disobedience.

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