Patagonia developed the innovative, 4-layer fabric construction for our waders in order to increase breathability, move moisture away from the body, increase abrasion resistance, and decrease the weight of the fabric. We were successful on all fronts.

Our exterior fabrics are all 100% polyester microfibers that are densely woven for durability and puncture resistance. On one side of this face fabric we apply our H2No® waterproof coating for superb waterproof/breathable performance. On the other side we apply a Hydrophilic laminate. Hydrophilic means water loving and this layer pulls moisture away from the person wearing the waders so it can be passed out through the coating and exterior shell. To protect the hydrophilic laminate we apply a soft polyester tricot lining (this is the lining you feel inside the wader).

Our new tricot lining is the key to the fabric’s performance. It’s 27% lighter than our previous fabric package with a 42% increase in abrasion resistance. We were also maintained a soft, supple drape to the fabric which is critical to how well the waders move with your body. Our 4-layer waders are extremely comfortable.

Finally, we apply a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment on the exterior face fabric. This is one of our most important innovations in wader technology. We tested all DWR's available and ultimately chose to apply NanoSphere® DWR as the first line of defense in keeping these waders waterproof.