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Grant FAQs

Q: We successfully submitted our proposal but haven’t heard back. When will we find out if our grant was approved?


A: All grant proposals that are successfully submitted are reviewed within 1 month. You will receive result announcement email whether your proposal is approved or rejected. If it has been longer than 1 month since you submitted your proposal and you have not received reply email from us, please contact us at


Q: When will we receive the grant if our proposal is approved?


If you receive result announcement email about approval of your proposal, the grant (both monetary and non-monetary) will be given within 4 months.


Q: My organization’s grant was rejected, and I’d like to request feedback so I can improve our proposal for next time. How do I submit that request?


A: For feedback on how you can improve your proposal for the next fiscal year’s application, please contact us at


Q: How often is my organization eligible to apply for a grant? If our grant is rejected, when is our organization eligible to apply again?


A: All organizations are eligible to apply for the grant once in each fiscal year. This policy is applicable whether your proposal is approved or rejected.


Q: Our organization has multiple important projects this year, each of which fits this grant program. May we submit separate applications for each project?


A: We can only accept one proposal per group per fiscal year, even if separate applications are submitted. Only the proposal submit in the first application will be reviewed. This policy is applicable whether your proposal is approved or rejected.


Q: Information we have provided in application has changed. How can we do?


A: Please contact us at to update your information.


Q: Does Patagonia require progress reports or project updates? When are progress reports due?


A: If you receive the grant, you will be required to submit a 6-month progress report. You should receive an email with instructions and a link to answer some questions and upload materials (e.g. Photos, videos) about how your work is proceeding. Please complete this progress report by the deadline listed in the email, which should be approximately 6 months after you receive your grant check.


Q: We have made some revisions to the campaign that Patagonia funded. Does that affect the grant we received? Can we continue to use the funds for our new campaign?


A: If you have made minor revisions to a campaign project Patagonia funded and the intended use of funds is consistent with the proposal we approved, you do not need to notify our grants team. For any major updates to a campaign we have funded, however, please contact us at  




Additional Information

For all questions not answered on this page nor addressed here, please reach out to our team at 

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